Invest indirectly in various cryptocurrency.

Masternode, stake and hold. All in one place and one account.

What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the future.

Cryptocurrencies are considered the evolution of our money and the decentralization of our financial system.

Like everything that is new and revolutionary, cryptocurrencies are facing strong resistance to government adoption and acceptance.

Three steps

How It Work

There are just three simple steps to invest in our platform. Follow below.


Create your account

Access our panel and create your account simply and quickly using your google account or your favorite social network, facebook / twitter


Choose a plan

In your administrative panel you will know the options of plans available to you. Hiring is simple and fast and can be paid for in several cryptocurrencies.


Track earnings

After activating your plan, you will be able to track your earnings directly on the platform in a simple way.

The Cryptocurrency


We are the first investment system based on HOLD, Masternode and STAKE. The innovation of our project brings incredible possibilities to our customers and partners. Invest in multiple currencies with just one click.

Buy and Hold

Why Choose Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are the best options for those who want to diversify their investments. The advantages of this investment model are numerous when compared to the traditional market.

Instant Trading

The money of the future has an instant transaction and is available at several exchange.

Recurring Buying

Recurring purchases in several countries around the world, easily and quickly.

Safe and Secure

Cryptocurrencies are usually built using blockchain technology. Blockchain describes the way transactions are recorded into "blocks" and time stamped.

Investment Planning

The possibility to plan investments and start with any amount is another big difference for crypto.


All your transactions are protected by blockchain technology which ensures that no transactions are changed after being confirmed on the network.

Crypto Transaction

145/5000 Many currencies have instant and private transactions and this makes it possible to transact your money without depending on third parties and quickly.